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Oh, really!! =)

HJFintmann (10:06:22 PM): Yzy! MGF!
HJFintmann (10:06:41 PM): ('salmost like code, no?)
Traszgo (10:07:23 PM): Aye!! MGF??
HJFintmann (10:07:38 PM): Machine Gun Fellatio
Traszgo (10:08:11 PM): Ah!
HJFintmann (10:12:07 PM): I want to throw danoot down on the ground and sexually assault him for introducing me to this band
HJFintmann (10:12:22 PM): Oh, was that out loud?
Traszgo (10:14:23 PM): Um, no, unless you talk while you type...
Traszgo (10:14:32 PM): Should I clip the convo and stick it in Wundee? =)
HJFintmann (10:15:55 PM): "My intentions are good and earnest and true, but under my hood is internal combustion power. And Satan is my motor. Hear my motor purr."
HJFintmann (10:16:21 PM): Fell free to cut and paste me
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